Exam Preparation for 11+

Gaining entry into the most prestigious secondary schools such as The Bluecoat and Belvedere is becoming more and more difficult, as ever increasing numbers of students compete for a limited number of places.

Most entrance exams consist of four separate sections which aim to test the candidates’ literacy, numeracy and verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills.  Many of the skills tested, like those which are required in the non-verbal reasoning section, fall outside of the mainstream Key Stage 2 curriculum.  For many students, therefore, the entrance exam will be the first time that they will be confronted by questions of their kind.

Our Liverpool Tutors tailor learning to suit your needs

Indeed, for most children, taking an 11+ will be the first time that they experience the pressure of taking an examination which is not just a simple assessment of their level, but has important consequences in terms of their future education.  Academy 1nternational can help your child to hone practical skills and techniques which will be of immense benefit during the examination.

The Exam Preparation course consists of one week of sessions, running from 10:30AM – 3:00PM – Monday to Friday.  Additional sessions can be arranged, should you and the tutor feel that your child would benefit.

To ensure a greater chance of success, we always recommend that pupils begin their preparation at least six months before the examination.  This allows the tutor sufficient time to identify and address any problems or difficulties which the pupil may have with any particular aspects of the learning requirements for the examination.
For further details, please contact us on 0151 220 6446 or at info@academy1nternational.co.uk